1. Mediation
    We have all had work place disputes, and sometimes such disputes can and do spiral out of control. In most cases when the parties carm down, it's natural to want to work together to find a solution to the problem. However, sometimes feeling are running so high that it's no longer possible to find the middle gourd. Marsh Mediation will help guide you to a space were you can focus on the issue you want to resolve or just find clarity concerning the issues. Employment Tribunals are costly both in terms of our emotions and in terms of finances. More to the point, once you have decided to go to court, then it's down to the judge, you will have no control over the outcome. Marsh Mediation is hear to help, with over 20 years experience dealing with work place disputes within the area of equality and diversity, Pierre Marsh will provide a sensitive and reassuring professionalism to help you keep in control of the options you really need to express to find resolution. Furthermore, It is vital that all parties have shown that they have made genuine efforts to avoid court proceedings.
  2. Community Mediation
    Human society is complex and sometimes we all fall out of step with our neighbours. As a result our homes become battle grounds, resulting in a loss of security and peace. Often the issue that started it has passed, but we are left with it's legacy, resulting in continued unsettlement and distrust Pierre Marsh takes great pride in being part of Ealing Mediation Services as a voluntary mediator. Pierre states, it's not an altruistic drive which led him to do voluntary mediation, it's a question of making a valuable contribution to the community in which you live in. So if you need a community mediator the best place you could look is Marsh Mediation Community Mediation Service.
  3. Dyslexia Employment Mediation
    Dyslexia is one of the characteristics which is protected under the Equality Act 2010. Marsh Mediation can draw on a wealth of experience in this somewhat complicated area relating to reasonable adjustments. Marsh Mediation helps the parties to reach a negotiated settlement within an atmosphere of equality. Having a fundamental understanding of equality and diversity insures that the parties are focused on the realities of their disputes. As such, the mediation process reduces tensions, maintains relationships, and is cost-effectiv
  4. 1- Day CPD Course, Dyslexia Within Risk Critical Occupations
    At Marsh mediation we believe that resolution to disputes is only half the story, the other side is to have a fundamental understanding of why disputes have arisen around the area of equality and diversity. That is why Marsh Training System has developed a revolutionary course to get to grips with the issue of dyslexia and Risk Critical Occupations. On the one day CPD course, candidates will have the opportunity to explore the notion of dyslexia, disability, reasonable adjustments, and the law through both practical exercise and theoretical understanding. At the end of the course candidates will receive a six hours CPD certificate. Call 07828 910 281
  5. Civil and Commercial Mediation
    Marsh mediation services are not only a fully accredited civil and commercial practice, but has also achieved a higher specialism in mediation in the areas of employment and civil and commercial mediation In short, Marsh mediation practice follows a judicial mediation process, which insures that you received the very highest levels of service. This keeps you in control of the outcomes and time, and is likely to save you huge amounts in cost of litigation. Call 07828 910281