Mediation is quite a controversial entity within the world of disputers. For the most part most people would see mediation as some soft process to a very bitter and sometimes damaging relationship they have with a party or parties. And the thought of entering a room with a complete stranger to discuss this very private and dark  period in their life's might seam incredulous.
Marsh mediation is about making sure that all parties find the resolution to their dispute in time before it needs to go down  the litigation rout. Almost every person  during the long and often painful  litigation route,  wished that they had resolved their issue through means of negotiation, as the pressure builds in both emotional and financial cost. Yes it about rightness and justice, but most people have a very good sense of this idea and practice it all the time. 
Marsh Mediation is about ensuring a robust process to ensure fairness to all, within the facts of the case. That is to say,  parties need to  understand both their position, and that of the other parties. In short, if you decide to take part in a mediation process, you are 68% (Civil Mediation Council Figures) more likely to resolve your case.
Pierre Marsh MSc BSc AMC SMC a dyslexic himself,  is the founder of the Marsh Training System recognised that during educational seminars and CPD training courses, there was a real need for mediation plus education, within the employment/community arena. Drawing upon his  expertise as an officer within the Fire Service, a Governor at West Thames College, and Vice Chair of the Community Advisory Committee, a designer and creator of postgraduate certificates at South Bank University, founder  member of the National Black and Ethnic Minority Member Advisory Group to the British Fire Services and now pro actively involved in developing the Festival of Dyslexic Culture has bought about a phenomenal  insight into the challenges people face during the day to day business of  disputes.